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Efficient Management of School and Colleges Through ERP SoftwareOnline Registration Process

It will help in keeping the record of a student’s information related to all the needed documentation. Admissions become easier, details are filled out effectively, submitted to the school admin and selection process continues organically. Our ERP software is a time-saver as well as gives global access by being eco-friendly.

Free Management Functionality

This feature further helps in the management of the fees of the students. Regular notification and transaction proceedings are managed through our ERP software. This format is directly integrated to the financial accounting enabling the institution to keep a vigilant track of its funds.

Student Information System

It acts as the heart of the schools/colleges’ ERP system. All the modules are interconnected with such a system. All the details and reports are generated easily without any hassle. Our ERP Software will present you with a hassle-free solution in generating different reports through just one click. 

Efficient Management of School and Colleges Through ERP Software

Nakshatra Solution’s ERP software focuses on offering ease at administrative hassle, embellishing, efficiency and higher productivity. The solution offered for the schools and colleges is highly equipped with technologies. With a school or college ERP software, you can go paperless without any hassle. It is an agile methodology which could be customized as per the institution’s requirements.

Other Enhanced Features

Our ERP software offers all in one support to the people. Whether it is financially accounting, payroll management, staff information or other related paper activities. Our ERP software helps you go paperless and provides you with all form of information through one click and search display, making your work occur diligently and effectively.

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