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Aim to present you with top-notch services for Casting ERP and Foundry ERP, Nakshatra Solutions, owns a dedicated team of professionals for leveraging the preeminent foundry services. Our professionals are there to create a customized design structure incorporating the core details and information through an automated system. We make use of the technological development for helping our consumers to along with the competitive and high-efficient foundry services in India.


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Enhanced with proper framework solution, Nakshatra Solutions have been in the industry for over a long time now. We have associated with a capable client base holding the title of long-term and stable relationships. We offer what we aim for, Nakshatra Solution follows its business philosophy for the long-lasting operation. We constantly research, develop and improvise the technological functionality. Not only this, we are there to offer enhanced support and assistance for creating proposals, forecasting needs, analyzing ability, overall cost analysis and assessing analysis.

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Enhanced Security and Support

Nakshatra Solution has been one of the leading and reputed names in the industry for offering the best foundry services with a miss. We hold on to the responsibility of presenting the impeccable structure on curating the design as well as meeting client’s requirements without having to compromise on confidentiality. We understand the concern in the possible manners and assure you with complete security and support. With the idea of working diligently and efficiently, we offer you with the myriad of functionality features resulting in top-notch customization, during and after deployment.

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Structure Format

The basic source code structure for the best foundry service is categorized into different factors. This includes core specifications, add-ons, dedicated modules and so much more. We create a customized strategy and solution to meet the complete requirements of the foundry industry in a global case. We conclude on the best value and service for extending our support to the companies to enhance their business on a global scale and further help in reducing their procurement and marketing costs.

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On-Time Solution Without Any Doubt

Nakshatra Solution offers the engineered solution for the companies we associate with. Through the use of modern technology, we procure complete freedom in formulating customized ERP processes, modules, user interface and so much more. Our modular approach assures in the safety and privacy of your trading secrets and operational policies. The solution is going to be preeminent without any second thought or doubts in mind.

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What is the objective of foundry services? How can the objectives be classified?

We offer a solution for creating information systems, helping in periodically updating for the relevant industry for monitoring trends, statistics and profiles of our associated client base regarding their capacity, capability, speciality, testing facilities and so much more. We help in identifying the apt sources for cast components, foundry materials and consultants. Furthermore, there will be a generation of information on the technologies that will be suited for effective results.

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What are the future goals of the company?

At Nakshatra Solutions, we are working diligently to provide clearer and wider information available to the industry in a user-friendly way. We aim to offer you with maximum information online as well as fetch more comprehensive sources of information and update regularly.

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What is the objective of foundry services?

The main objective of the foundry services is the proper development, constant update and upgrade of integrated information on the Foundry and Allied Industry. The information and the proper structure for the companies will pave way for a cost-effective structure as well as gain global scale recognition.

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What are the future goals of the company?Enhance Your Business Opportunities With Professionals

We would love to understand and meet your requirements. Nakshatra Solution is here to understand your query leveraging the full accessibility to enhanced functionality. Go ahead and get in touch with us!


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