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Help to grow

Helping Your Business To Grow

Nakshatra Solutions has associated with a diligent team of experts to offer you with cent percent increase in the planning efficiency, production and finished good inventory. When it comes to offering top-notch services for a machine shop, we offer you an enhanced solution for the optimal utilization of your machines, garner shift and real-time information on all of such activities. With Nakshatra Solutions, you will be present with a myriad of capacity planning and scheduling capability. Furthermore, get your resources managed optimally, keeping the operating cost down.

ON time delivery

On-Time Delivery

Product searching becomes easier with our ERP software solution. We offer you with greater visibility from all daily chores of the manufacturing process. Not only this, we offer you the controlling process for the in-house and outsourced production schedule. This will help us to further offer you with management process and on-time delivery to our clients.



Management Of Resources

At Nakshatra Solution, we offer you complete assistance and support for the management of your resources. Through the proper implementation of ERP services, we help in managing your resources optimally, helping in further keeping the costing down. Apart from the same, we help you in creating customized proper planning and scheduling the different functionality through sequence wise.

Best ERP solution

Gain the best ERP solution for Machine Tools With Professional Support

One might have been familiar with queries on optimally used machines, delivery dates on unscheduled downtime, new order delivery, operator’s productivity, new project schedule and so much more. The all in one solution is offered by the enhanced ERP services by Nakshatra Solutions. Through the ERP accounting software, you will have the proper and simplified classification of accounts general ledger, bank reconciliation and so much more.

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