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It helps in maintaining simple classification of accounts, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, etc. The technology employed by tally makes data reliable and secure. ... Tally accounting software is easy to set up and simple to use. A single connection can support multiple users.

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Complete solution for Manufacturig industries through TALLY ERP9

Manufacto Subpoints

3.Schedule & Planning
4.Schedule v/s Balance
5.Schedule v/s Production
6.Development Details
7.Sales Order
9.Test Certificate
10.PDR Reports
12.Transport Slip
1.Quotation Analysis.
2.Purchase Order.
3. Service Order.
5. Purchase Indent.
6.Purchase Requisition
7.Item Wise Storage
8.Minimum-maximum Stock Alert
9.Party Wise-Item Wise Purchase Analysis
10.Store Issues/Material Consumption
11.Department Wise/Machine Wise/Item Wise Consumption Report
1.Work Order.
2.Job-Work Inward.
3.Job-Work Outword With Inward Tracking.
4.Labour Invoicing.
5.Pending Challans Report.
6.Sub Contractor Order(out source).
7.Sub Contractor Outword
8.Sub Contractor Inward With Outward Tracking.
9.Labour Purchase Accounting.
10.Party Wise Item Wise Pending Challans.
11.Vendor Wise Incoming Quality Analysis.
12.Party Wise Challan Tracking(closing) Report
13.ITC_4 Report
1. Machine Wise Capacity Planning.
2. Drawing Wise BOM Details.
3. Assembly Production
4.Production Plan/Schedule.
5.Order v/s Production Analysis
6.Product Wise Drawing/Process Flow/Cycle Time Details
7.Product Wise Gauges & Tooling Details.
8.Production v/s Tooling Consumption.
9.Daily Production Report
10.Operator Wise Efficiency
11.Operator Wise O.E.E.Report
12.Machine Wise Production & Efficiency
13.Shop Wise Production Report
14.Graphs & Charts Analysis
15.Availability v/s Production Performance.
16.Machine Wise Breakdown Report
17.Process Wise Scrap Report
18.Product Wise-Batch Wise Production Status.
19.Item Movement Analysis
20.Jig & Fixture History Card
1. GRN Material Q.C. Approval Management
2. In Process Quality Checking.
3. Process Wise Instruments Details.
4.Process Wise Quality Analysis.
5.Rejection Analysis-Graphs & Charts.
6.Product Wise C.R. & M.R. Reports.
7.Reason Wise-Defect Wise Rejection Analysis.
8.Operator Wise Rejection
9.Machine Wise Rejection Analysis
10.Production v/s Rejection Analysis
11.Final Inspection Reports
12.PDR/Lab/Test Certificate.
13.Supplier Incoming Quality Analysis.
14.Vendor Incoming Quality Analysis.
15.Suppliers/Customer Wise Quality Reports Requirements.
16.Gauges/Instruments Calibration Planning & Reminder.
17.Gauges/Instruments History Card
18.Schedule v/s Production v/s Quality Analysis
19.Vendor Audit.
20.Vendor Rating.
21.Supplier Rating.
1.Preventive Maintenance Reminders.
2.Machine Wise Maintenance Details.
3.Machine Wise Reason Wise Maintenance Details.
4.Maintenance Cost Machine Wise.
5.Machine AMC Reminders.
6.Machine Calibration Reminders.
7.Machine Wise History Card.
8.Production v/s Power Consumption Analysis
9.Machine Wise YTD Reports.
1. Loans Management.
2. Ratio Analysis.
3. Overhead /Expenses Management.
4.Budgets & Variance Analysis.
5.Customer Payment Performance.
6.Supplier Payment Planning.
7.Depreciation Char As Per Income Tax Act.
8.Auto Mail System.
9.Auto SMS System.
10.Auto Outstanding Reminders.
11.Cash Flow Management.
12.Party Wise Ageing Analysis.
13.Party Wise Item Wise Sales Report.
14.Order v/s Sale.
15.Payroll & Attendance.
16.Operating Cost & Nett Profit Analysis.
1.Web,Mobile,Tab Integration.
2.User Wise Security Control .
3.ISO Reports.
4.Auto Mail,SMS System.
5.Barcode/QR Code.
6.Machine Hardware App Integrations With ERP.
7.User Wise Dashboards.
8.Mis Level Dashboards.
9.5'S'& Kaizen Documentation.
10.Approval Systems.

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