Textiles-Fabric Manufacturing

Become The Best Among The Rest

Textiles business faces a topsy-turvy venture due to seasonality. There are so many factors involved at the same time including fluctuating global demand, capacity constraints, higher expenses and so much more. As your business is a part of the global conglomerate influencing textile and manufacturing business. With Nakshatra Solutions’ ERP software, we offer you with in-built practices and enhanced functionalities. Apart from the same, you will be able to grow and develop your business in an innovative way with more customer base. With our ERP software, you will acquire end to end business solutions for growth and management.

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Breaking the Seasonality

You just need to fetch an effective and customized plan for the best result. Nakshatra Solutions' ERP software will offer you an effective solution for an efficient strategy. We offer you with procurement module support from the right vendor to enhanced receipts. Relationship with vendors, setting workflows and triggering purchase orders through our ERP software will ensure smooth flow of input materials for the effective functioning of the industry.

Streamline manufacturing

At Nakshatra Solutions, you will gain the dynamics of the textile processing. Through in-built practices, you will be able to acquire assistance in managing inventory logs of upstream and downstream processing. Tracking the manufacturing process, fetching real-time data on production and management production stoppages, estimating the overall cost, predicting delivery dates, we assist in doing everything that will enhance the marketing and business capabilities.

Inventory Process

Through our ERP software, your business will be able to streamline the planning and management process. You will be able to spot the changes with real-time information from ERP. We make use of physical inventory and cycle country to gain the system stock, online information on inventory value for the management of the finances and analysing the performance through apt analysis strategy.

Top-Notch Modern Technology

Effective business management provided with all data through real-time services. Monitor your variable cost, fixed custom post factory cost elements, in order for controlling cost and enhance efficiency. Profitability forecasting with the right set of data, maintenance for reducing shutdowns and integration of the right solution through real-time data collection system ensuring accurate and fast data entry.

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